Black pieces in my stools? Is this a sign of cancer?

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Asked: Black pieces in my stools? Is this a sign of cancer?

I have had problems with going to the toilet for a few months now, and I recently went to see my doctor, who said it was most likely irritable bowel syndrome and I should look out for more signs or any unexplained weight loss. Since then, I don't know how long they have been present because I might not have paid much attention, but I have been finding black pieces in my stools, and also orange/almost white pieces that look a bit like beans in my stools. The doctor gave me some mebeverine hydrochloride tablets, and the symptoms did improve slightly, therefore I felt the need to stop taking the mebeverine. I was fine until last week when I noticed a bright red piece that looked like a bit of tomato in my stool. Since then the original symptoms have returned, for example, feeling like I haven't finished properly on the toilet, a dull, achy pain in my abdomen that can become very uncomfortable, and of course these black and red pieces in my stools. Due to the fact I have been very stressed about it, I'm wondering if it could be irritable bowel syndrome that is stress – related. I'm really concerned I have cancer though, could someone please give me some advice? I have an appointment with my doctor next week. I'm 18 years old.


Mark Answered:
no its not a sign of cancer. you wouldn't be able to tell if you had cancer by seeing something in your stool. its probably going to be something you ate that got digested that way
hope it helps

Drdhananjaya Bhupathi Answered:
Specifically, symptoms must consist of recurrent abdominal pain or discomfort with two or more of the following:
Pain is relieved by a bowel movement
Onset of pain is related to a change in frequency of stool
Onset of pain is related to a change in the appearance of stool
ibs Symptoms

As you can see, your doctor will make a diagnosis of ibs based on the combination of abdominal pain and a marked change in your bowel habits. Thus, for the individual sufferer, ibs can consist of:
abdominal pain or discomfort relieved by a bowel movement
three or more bowel movements a day (diarrhea)
three or fewer bowel movements a week (constipation)
loose, watery stools (diarrhea)
hard, dry stools (constipation)
feeling of urgency (diarrhea)
straining during a bowel movement (constipation)
feeling of incomplete evacuation
passage of mucus
gas and bloating

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