Can an enlarged prostate cause abdominal pain?

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Kyler H Asked: Can an enlarged prostate cause abdominal pain?

I am 24 and went to the doctor a few years ago and he said my prostate was the size of a softball,I went to another highly recommended doctor for a second opinion and he said because I have no urinary problems or normal prostate symptoms, that I probably just have irritable bowel. I'm wondering if he's wrong and the large prostate could be causing my constipation issues.I have noticed for a couple days after sex sometimes my stomach hurts more and I'm not able to have sex multiple times like I used to.


Tink Answered:
There is no confusing an enlarged prostate with an irritable bowel. You go see a urologist and find out why your freaking prostate is that size – then you worry about the constipation.

Kaviani999 Answered:
If your prostate was really that big, you probably would not be able to pee or ejaculate.The image below is of one that was big enough to have to remove, and it's nowhere near the size of a softball.

My guess, if you have absolutely no urinary or 'male' issues is that you have constipation from either celiac disease or ibs.You can try metamucil capsules (6/day) for a week to see if that improves anything.If not, a diet adjustment is probably best…avoid all wheat products, alcohol, and caffeine to see if there is any improvement.

If all that fails, you may well have a genetic condition in which the nerves to the descending colon/rectum are undeveloped, which results in chronic constipation, or a muscular problem.

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