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DAVE Asked: concerned about loose pooh, blood in stools, polyps/ colon cancer?

I'm 35 and have been having changes in my stools for about 4 months, which are mainly loose, narrower and now flattish , (possibly a bit paler but nothing that noticable). Also, recently I've had bright red blood in the toilet.I've had haemaroids in the last couple of months as well but not recently I don't think.

I went to Dr, he said it could be irritable bowel syndrome with haemoroids and did a blood (mc and s whatever that is) and stool test.

Went back the other day, he said nothing was showing on the tests and said it therefore ruled out anything sinister like colitis??? and I think he said my there wsan't inflammation but i'm not sure exactly what he said.
However, he then said he'd refer me to a specialist and then did a rectal exam and said that there were no haemoroids and that it could be polyps and that I'd probably need a colonoscopy.

I also had blood in my stools about 2/3 years ago and had an exam by the locum dr who said it could have been haemoroids and just to keep an eye on it but it didn't happen again (i don't recall anyway).
I had the recent blood in my stools for 3 days in a row which is why I went to my dr but i haven't had any since and don't usually get this.I haven't lost weight and I don't have any pain but I am starting to get a bit of a niggling feeling where my liver is and quite a bit of flatulence.

He says the tests ruled out anything sinister but then that I don't have haemoroids (or at least he couldn't find any) and now that it could be polyps, with no mention of the ibs.

As I understand it from reading about polyps on the net, they are slow growing (until they turn cancerous) and don't normally show any symptoms but if they do cause symptoms that it is usually when they have turned cancerous.
He also said that the waiting list is 2 months and I'm a bit concerned that he isn't being straight with me, possibly just trying not to worry me.

To my mind if I do have polyps and I have bleeding and loose stools ie symptoms, then it could be quite serious yet I've got to wait 2 months.I'm also wondering whether it could be haemoroids but which have cleared up in the last week between the blood in my stools and the exam by my dr.
Any advice would be very much appreciated, thanks.


xox Answered:
sounds like it's tearing the sides as it's fresh blood rather than darker,older blood you would get with a polyp but i would discourage searching the net regarding your symptoms. He can't be straight with you as he does'nt know all the answers and it'll only be revealed by the colonoscopy then you'll get a clearer way forward. good luck ibs questions : concerned about loose pooh, blood in stools, polyps/ colon cancer | Ibs.

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