Does anyone know the effects of Depo Medrol on cats?

Kristine Asked: Does anyone know the effects of Depo Medrol on cats?

My 16yr old cat was having some problems with loose stools and vomiting. The Vet thought it could be irritable bowel disease. He gave him a shot of Depo Medrol and said it would last for 30 days. My cat seemed fine until about 10-11 days after the shot.

Now he's sleeping all the time, eating very small amounts of food, and just not acting himself. It also seems like he's more on the constipated side now and has a larger abdomen only having small bowel movements every 2 days or so. He is still drinking fluids. He's usually very active and hangs out with us all the time, but he has no interest in anything now for the last 4 days. He gets up out of the closet, walks to his food bowls stares at them and lies in the weirdest spots. Could it be the shot and how long does it take for it to get out of his system?


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