Green stringy mucus on stool.?

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ming ming Asked: Green stringy mucus on stool.?

Today, my lovely boyfriend greeted me with the news of green stringy mucus on his poop.Today was the first day this occurred.He has been having stomach pains.He gets hungry but has a hard time eating.He gets nauseous and vomits too.I've done some research and I.B.S. (irritable bowel syndrome) seems to keep popping up.His diet is of common 20 something year old man.I'm not sure what to do.He is the type that won't go to the doctor until it effects his life to the point where he has no choice but to go get it checked out.Anyone have any home remedies or other suggestions to help.


Chris Answered:
Well, if it is IBS, then education is the key to reducing his discomfort.

So do some reading, find out what irritates his digestive tract, and avoid those foods at all costs !

Good luck

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