I haven’t pooped for 4 days already! Help please!?

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Asked: I haven’t pooped for 4 days already! Help please!?

The first day.. i had a really bad stomach ache and went to the toilet 7 times.. and my poop was wet.. and i am suffering from ibs..(Irritable Bowel Syndrome) then my mom told take this medicine called "Imodium" a medicine to stop stomach ache and diarrhea.. I took 3 tablets in one day before and airplane flight.. after that i didnt poop anymore.. i only fart gas and pee only.. im a little worried.. i also dont have a good balanced diet.. and i ant afford to go to the doctor right now.. is there any food that will help me poop? cuz i just ate a big breakfast.. and still not pooping..


Drink a whole gallon of Prune Juice, maybe more.

Buy Miralax. I didn't poop for 3 days and I drank this and not even 5 min and I wwas pooping. Or get prune juice warm it up & drink it. Trust me it works

Prunes prunes prunes and more juice. Prune juice or dried prunes. Either way, it works! You can also take stool softeners (over the counter – cheap) and you could use suppositories but they are awkward and uncomfortable so the first few options I gave are much better alternatives (: hope this helps! goodluck pooping haha (:

i once haven't pooped for a week and dam that **** hurt , your poop will come out sometime but at night just sit on the toilet and try even though you might not have the feeling to

Try a "chocolate laxative" sold at drug stores. Those will make you poo. Or, if u can't reach one, try beans. Full of fibre and help your bowels out.

Okaaay.I feel your pain.You are obviously constipated.It's not serious but it can really be burdensome.IBS is typically triggered by stress or food such as caffeine or dairy.It is important to find out what causes your episodes so you can take steps to try to avoid them.Imodium should be taken in moderation.I'm not sure what the dosage is but 3 tablets sounds like a lot.If you take too much, it can cause serious constipation.Traveling also causes constipation in a lot of people.There's really no need to go to the doctor.A balanced diet is crucial for managing both IBS and constipation so I would definitely work on rectifying that situation.I would start by increasing your fiber and water intake.Foods that have proven helpful for me are fresh fruits like peaches and apples, apple juice, prunes/prune juice (taste really good if you mix prune and apple juice together), and generally all high fiber/high water content fruits and veggies.Avoid starchy foods and cheese.Try to drink 64 oz. of water a day because no matter how much fiber you eat, you have to have water for it to do you any good.Do NOT take any more Imodium right now.Some things that also aid in fixing constipation is warm fluids like tea and exercise to help move things along.If you try these things and nothing works, you might want to consider a mild laxative.This is a last resort though.although it seems like a quick fix, you don't want to become reliant on laxatives because it can mess up your natural system.Also, be warned, many laxatives can cause severe abdominal cramping.I took some Dulcolax once and I can honestly say it was one of the most painful experiences of my life.If you have to use a laxative, do your research and make sure you're getting the best one for you.Good luck!

There's other great answers but it won't hurt you (like on the inside and damas something-wise) because my record for not pooping is two weeks and I'm fine but I'll never do it again it hurt so much passing that through

Drink lots of water during the day.
Drink a glass of water about 30-40 minutes after eating to add some moisture to the bowels.
Sugar-free candy with Sorbitol – the sorbitol acts as a laxative – even 5 pieces of candy will do the jobVitamin C, Calcium/Magnesium supplements – both work as laxatives.
Massage the stomach area in a large circle to help stimulate the intestines.- start the massage on your right side, across the top of the abdomen down and around back to the right side.
If you have a lot of gas – and it sounds like you do, there may be gas trapped in the intestines causing the lack of movement – the massage would help and so would kneeling down on the floor with your butt up in the air and your head on the ground – that presses in on the intestines and may force some of the gas up (I had to do that after surgery, the nurses told me that one).

Are you actually diagnosed with IBS or is that your own idea?Because if it's not a diagnosis then you shouldn't claim that, you might just be irregular from any number of problems, stress, lack of water in the diet, not enough fiber.I find that drinking something warm at night helps relax the stomach and intestines.And nuts and raisins always work for me – and for an extra boost, eat them drinking a bit of coffee.That pretty much works without fail.

Adding water to the diet is the most effective treatment for constipation.You sip water when you eat and drink a large glass of water about 40-60 minutes after eating.That adds more moisture to the intestines to promote proper processing.

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