Only passing brown mucus in my bowel movements?

Cory Asked: Only passing brown mucus in my bowel movements?

Hi im 22 years of age for the past 3 weeks to a month all ive been able to pass in a bowel movement is brown mucus its like theres no poop coming out and the only thing coming out is runny watery brown mucus as well as soft brown lumps of mucus im also having abdominal pain and i strain to even push all of that out of my rectum sometimes even when i fart i kind of poop my pants a little bit and my farts always seem to come out hot too, i went to the doctor about this and he did xrays and blood work and everything came back normal and he figures its IBS(irritable bowel syndrome) but wants to do a colonoscopy to be sure could this or does this sound like ibs or some other form of disease than having the dreadful C word?


Mari Answered:
I got Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) & it's NOT the same as IBS – i have Crohn's & Ulcerative Colitis. i get abdominal pains which are sharp. i get bloated/constipated. & one time when i was like around 8 or 7..i had blood in my stool it was dark though..& i got admitted in the hospital. & i guess thats when i got diagnosed with crohn's & ulcerative colitis.

What if it's Anemia? (i got that too..) but you said they did blood doubt it.

kinda doubt it that its Cancer.. cause i mean im at high risk at colon cancer..& i always get a colonoscopy when the doctor wants to see how im doing. last year i got it done & they found a Colon polyp (& they got it tested and it turned out not to be cancerous). i really really really really doubt it that you got cancer…colon cancer grows really slow. Doubt it that you got it.

Symptoms are different for everyone, just do the colonoscopy.

Don't worry everything will be fine.

God Bless & take care ibs questions : Only passing brown mucus in my bowel movements?

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